How to Photograph The Stars and The Night Sky

A photograph of the milky way with mountains as the horizon to emphasise how immense the galaxy is

There are a variety of ways you can photograph the stars and the night sky and each will depend your intended outcome. For example the techniques used in photographing the Milky Way galaxy are different to those used to photograph star trails. Likewise a night sky filled with stars over an urban environment needs a … Read moreHow to Photograph The Stars and The Night Sky

When to Use A Neutral Density Filter

The NiSi filter holder system with Lee Big Stopper Neutral Density filter mounted

Using neutral density filters can change ordinary landscapes into masterpieces and knowing when to use neutral density filters is equally as important as knowing how to use them. I mention landscapes simply because that is what ND filters are mainly used for but they can be used for all genres of photography when the situation … Read moreWhen to Use A Neutral Density Filter

Landscape Photography Tips and Techniques

Landscape photography tips and techniques, include foreground and background interest for greater impact

Landscape photography is one of the most popular genres around as has been since photography first began. This post covers basic landscape photography tips and techniques, the essential equipment you will need and composition ideas.   What is Landscape Photography A tricky question to answer … landscape photography can be anything from a huge expansive … Read moreLandscape Photography Tips and Techniques

Children Portrait Photography Tips and Techniques

Children Portraits Photography Tips Children portraits photography  is a very general subject; the term “child” covers a period of up to 20 years at least.  The new-born phase is very different to that of the toddler.  And similar changes occur right through until their late adolescent years.  Each phase is endearing, very special and fascinating … Read moreChildren Portrait Photography Tips and Techniques