Trail Camera Reviews the Best of 2022

With a wide selection of trail cameras to choose from deciding on the best one for you can be time consuming and confusing – so herewith a “Trail Camera Reviews” post for 2022 to overcome both those issues.  Updated January 2022 There’s the old saying that goes something like “You may have to kiss a … Read more

Cute Camera Bags for Women in 2022

Cute Camera Bags For Women Feature Image

“Cute Camera Bags for Women” – not a likely title for me to write about but there is a story behind why I chose it. It stems from a discussion I had with a friend that went something like this: Linda :  “Lawrence – how do I say this nicely? … Can I make a suggestion?” Me (warily): “Yeah … Read more

Best Point and Shoot Digital Camera for 2022


In this post I will help you find the best point and shoot camera currently available for your specific needs and I will also guide you in what to look for in your new camera. Photography plays a big part in our lives these days, particularly with social media. SmartPhones have come a long way … Read more

Best Portrait Photography Backdrops for 2022

Best Portrait Photography Backdrops Featured Image of Smiling Young Woman

Using the best portrait photography backdrops will elevate your portraiture above anyone elses. Portrait photography is all about the subject – the face/s in front of your camera. There are a number of ways to ensure that you get the image you are trying to portray from make-up and colour coding through to lighting and … Read more

The Best Underwater Camera For Snorkeling in 2022

The Best Underwater Camera for Snorkeling

Snorkeling and being amongst sea life in their natural environment is an awful lot of fun and extremely rewarding – if you’re going to take photographs while enjoying it you will want the best underwater camera for snorkeling that you can afford. Taking photos and videos to share your experience and passion with friends and … Read more

Best Tablet For Photo Editing in 2021

A beautifully processed photo of a farrier fitting a new shoe on a horse with the ssmoke from the hot shoe being burnt into the nail billowing around.

I found the Intuous Pro Small tablet be the best tablet for photo-editing and as such this review is predominantly about the small tablet. The comments apply equally to the Intuos Pro Medium and the Intuos Pro Large tablets. The difference between the three models (besides the obvious size difference) is that the bigger models … Read more

A Selection of The Best Camera Dry Cabinets in 2022

Images of three of the FORSPArK range of camera dry cabinets on offer

You’ve probably invested a substantial amount in purchasing a camera  and some amazing lenses – the best you can afford right? Well then it makes sense that you should look after them – both when handling them and when they are not in use.   Your gear is well engineered and robustly built but still … Read more

The Best Photography Books

Best Photography Books

I am a big fan of reading and using books as a reference and in this post I present you with 40 of the best photography books available today. There are thousands of photography books at very reasonable prices and deciding which one (or two) would solve your problem can be frustrating – they all … Read more

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