A Camera Monopod for DSLR or Mirrorless Systems

Neewer Monopod T222 support stand

A camera monopod has been on my shopping radar for longer than I care to remember. I wanted a one for those times I was patiently (turning to impatience) waiting for “the right moment“. You know the times I mean – like when you are shooting: sports photography birds (particularly birds in flight, believe it … Read more

Landscape Photography Tips and Techniques

Landscape photography tips and techniques, include foreground and background interest for greater impact

Landscape photography is one of the most popular genres around as has been since photography first began. This post covers basic landscape photography tips and techniques, the essential equipment you will need and composition ideas. What is Landscape Photography A tricky question to answer … landscape photography can be anything from a huge expansive scene … Read more

Manual Mode in Photography

A photo showing the mode selector on a modern DSLR with the three manual mode options - manual, aperture and shutter

Let’s talk about manual mode in photography – seen as everyone says you’re never going to be a photographer until you learn to use your manual settings. Why does everyone say this? If you have a DSLR camera and are not shooting in one of the manual mode options you are not getting the most … Read more

How To Make Money in Photography

Abstract photo of Hamilton bridge at night showing the blue, green and yellow street lighting in streaks

In this post I will give you a couple of ideas on how to make money in photography – nothing spectacular here, just things that each of us can do to make money from what we love doing. We all love photography and it is saidĀ  “Do what you love and the money will follow” … Read more

How To Sell Your Photos Online

You need good photos if you want to sell them online

You may be wondering how to sell your photos online – there are so many options and twice as much conflicting advice! You have some great photos on your hard drive and wondering how you can make money from them – let’s discuss your options. In this post I want to discuss the many options … Read more

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