5 Essential Newborn Photo Props

A photo of a gorgeous Newborn by photographed with props consisting of a round basket, flokati throw, brown Teddy Bear and beige wrap and matching cap

Since publishing the post on Newborn Photography tips I have been asked by several photographers and parents about Newborn Photo Props. This post addresses that question covering the the props I believe should always be part of any Newborn photos studio. Before I get into the props themselves I want to once again reiterate that … Read more5 Essential Newborn Photo Props

Photography Lighting Equipment For Beginners

An image showing photography lighting kit with "learner" plates

When writing my previous post on photography lighting kits I came across several really great value-for-money photography lighting equipment for beginners. My first thought was how much of a time-saver it would have been if I could have had a well-researched, and honest view, on what to buy when I was looking for some lighting equipment, at … Read morePhotography Lighting Equipment For Beginners

Photography Lighting Kit – which one is for you?

Front and side view of the Witstro Godox AD400PRo strobe photo lighting kit

No photography gear is complete without a decent photography lighting kit. Owning a lighting kit and learning how to make the most of it takes anyone’s photography to the next level (or two). Understanding and being able to manipulate light to create the image you want/envisage is the key to taking your skills to the … Read morePhotography Lighting Kit – which one is for you?

When to Use A Neutral Density Filter

The NiSi filter holder system with Lee Big Stopper Neutral Density filter mounted

Using neutral density filters can change ordinary landscapes into masterpieces and knowing when to use neutral density filters is equally as important as knowing how to use them. I mention landscapes simply because that is what ND filters are mainly used for but they can be used for all genres of photography when the situation … Read moreWhen to Use A Neutral Density Filter

Best Neutral Density Filters For Photography

Long exposure seascape taken with the NiSi system and a Lee 10 Stop Neutral Density filter

The best Neutral density filters for photography are ND filters that are easy to use and produce true images time after time, with 100% colour rendition, no loss of quality and zero vignetting. I don’t profess to know the ins-and-outs of every brand but I do know a bit about ND filters from my own … Read moreBest Neutral Density Filters For Photography

BosSTRAP – The Best Kept Secret in Camera Sling Straps

BosSTRAP - detailed features

Let’s face it the straps that come with cameras are horribly uncomfortable, often too short and, after a very short time, feel like they are cutting into your neck. In this post I review the Bosstrap shoulder sling strap system – the one I have used for the past 4 years, and the one I … Read moreBosSTRAP – The Best Kept Secret in Camera Sling Straps

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