Correctly Expose For High Contrast Lighting Conditions

Use a credit card to bounce your flash off the roof to correctly expose for high contrast lighting

In this post I will be explaining how to correctly expose for high contrast lighting conditions to provide a well exposed photo. By that I mean overcoming, rather than utilising, contrast lighting.  Utilising contrast produces either high-key or low-key photography where the lighting is optimised to create drama. My intention with this post is t … [Read the full post…]

What Is A Good Tripod

I am often asked my opinion of what is a good tripod. Most times my honest answer is welcome, occasionally it isn’t welcome at all. When it isn’t it is usually when someone has spotted, or bought, a bargain and just wants confirmation that it is a bargain. Well that depends on the definition of … [Read the full post…]

How to Use Exposure Compensation – And Understanding What it Does

A magnolia shot from below against a white sky

Very few photographers know how to use “exposure compensation”.  Understanding what it does is the first step to learning how useful it can be. The “Exposure Compensation” function is indicated by the little plus/minus button normally situated near the shutter button. In this post I explain how to use exposure compensation to add more depth … [Read the full post…]