Photography Metering Modes Explained

Photography Metering Modes Featured Image

Photography metering modes can be a bit confusing to the beginner/newbie, what with all the other buttons and menus to contend with. Do you ever get frustrated wondering why some of your images come out too dark and others are over-exposed? You check the exposure meter before taking the photo and it indicates that the … Read more Photography Metering Modes Explained

Best Portrait Photography Backdrops 2020

Best Portrait Photography Backdrops Featured Image of Smiling Young Woman

Portrait photography is all about the subject – the face/s in front of your camera. There are a number of ways to ensure that you get the image you are trying to portray from make-up and colour coding through to lighting and equipment. One aspect, which is often overlooked, is the background which can make … Read more Best Portrait Photography Backdrops 2020

The Best Underwater Camera For Snorkeling in 2020

The Best Underwater Camera for Snorkeling

Snorkeling and being amongst sea life in their natural environment is an awful lot of fun and extremely rewarding. Taking photos and videos to share your experience and passion with friends and family makes sense right? Beats those common zoo photos hands down in my opinion. So what camera do you need? Finding the best … Read more The Best Underwater Camera For Snorkeling in 2020

What is a Beauty Dish

Image of an aluminium beauty dish mounted and showing the different diffuser attachments.

Take a look at the Wikipedia definition of a beauty dish and you will likely come away more confused than ever – I sure started wondering if I knew what it was. What follows is an easy-to-understand answer to the question “What is a Beauty Dish?” – Wikipedias definition not withstanding. I will also describe … Read more What is a Beauty Dish

Newborn Photography Tips For Beginners

A mother with her beautiful Newborn baby

One of the more rewarding genres of photography is that of Newborn Photography. In a previous post I touched (very briefly) on the subject and thought a more in-depth post specifically providing newborn photography tips for beginners could be very useful to my readers – and will possibly even benefit those with newborn photography experience. … Read more Newborn Photography Tips For Beginners

How to Photograph The Stars and The Night Sky

A photograph of the milky way with mountains as the horizon to emphasise how immense the galaxy is

There are a variety of ways you can photograph the stars and the night sky and each will depend your intended outcome. For example the techniques used in photographing the Milky Way galaxy are different to those used to photograph star trails. Likewise a night sky filled with stars over an urban environment needs a … Read more How to Photograph The Stars and The Night Sky

When to Use A Neutral Density Filter

The NiSi filter holder system with Lee Big Stopper Neutral Density filter mounted

Using neutral density filters can change ordinary landscapes into masterpieces and knowing when to use neutral density filters is equally as important as knowing how to use them. I mention landscapes simply because that is what ND filters are mainly used for but they can be used for all genres of photography when the situation … Read more When to Use A Neutral Density Filter

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