Wildlife Photography Tips and Techniques

Close-up detail of a pair of Zebra drinking

Wildlife photography tips – how does one cover a subject that is so broad and diverse? Wild life can be anything from plants and fungi, rabbits hopping around in a city park, polar bears in the arctic or Africa’s Great Migration! There is a great deal of wonderful diversity in this amazing world we live … Read more

Landscape Photography Tips and Techniques

Landscape photography tips and techniques, include foreground and background interest for greater impact

Landscape photography is one of the most popular genres around as has been since photography first began. This post covers basic landscape photography tips and techniques, the essential equipment you will need and composition ideas. What is Landscape Photography A tricky question to answer … landscape photography can be anything from a huge expansive scene … Read more

Children Portrait Photography Tips and Techniques

A portrait of a smiling 3 year old girl with the prettiest sea blue/green eyes

Children portraits photography  is a very general subject; the term “child” covers a period of up to 20 years at least. The new-born phase is very different to that of the toddler.  And similar changes occur right through until their late adolescent years. Each phase is endearing, very special and fascinating and each child is … Read more

Manual Mode in Photography

A photo showing the mode selector on a modern DSLR with the three manual mode options - manual, aperture and shutter

Let’s talk about manual mode in photography – seen as everyone says you’re never going to be a photographer until you learn to use your manual settings. Why does everyone say this? If you have a DSLR camera and are not shooting in one of the manual mode options you are not getting the most … Read more

Portrait Photography Tips and Techniques

the Portrait photography tips and techniques described here were used in this outdoor, natural lighting portrait of a young women

My favourite photography genre is portraiture and I thought it might be useful if I gave you some of the portrait photography tips and techniques I use. The tips will concentrate on basic camera settings, best lighting for portraits and good shooting techniques to produce outstanding portraits. Most of this post will refer to females … Read more

What is the ISO on a Camera

An image of scales showing equality

What is the ISO on a camera and what role does it play in photography?  Firstly let me explain ISO as it’s a strange acronym to use and certainly seems to have no direct bearing on what it describes, which is the sensitivity of the camera’s built-in sensor to light. The Reason It’s Named ISO … Read more

Correctly Expose For High Contrast Lighting Conditions

An mage showing how to use a credit card to bounce your built-in flash off the roof to correctly expose for high contrast lighting

In this post I will be explaining how to correctly expose for high contrast lighting conditions to provide a well exposed photo. By that I mean overcoming, rather than utilising, contrast lighting.  Utilising contrast produces either high-key or low-key photography where the lighting is optimised to create drama. My intention with this post is t … Read more

Camera f Stops Explained

Camera stops and aperture f stops explained

Camera f  Stops Explained or WT f … Strictly speaking there is no such thing as “camera” f stops;  f stops refer to the aperture of lenses and not the aperture of a camera. Just thought I would clear that up. f  Stops cause some confusion, primarily because the numbering system used to describe them is counter-intuitive; … Read more

What Is A Good Tripod

Manfrotto 055 shown at minimum height with benefits of the Q column

I am often asked my opinion of what is a good tripod. Most times my honest answer is welcome, occasionally it isn’t welcome at all. When it isn’t it is usually when someone has spotted, or bought, a bargain and just wants confirmation that it is a bargain. Well that depends on the definition of … Read more

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