What is a Beauty Dish

Image of an aluminium beauty dish mounted and showing the different diffuser attachments.

Take a look at the Wikipedia definition of a beauty dish and you will likely come away more confused than ever – I sure started wondering if I knew what it was. What follows is an easy-to-understand answer to the question “What is a Beauty Dish?” – Wikipedias definition not withstanding. I will also describe … Read moreWhat is a Beauty Dish

Photography Lighting Equipment For Beginners

An image showing photography lighting kit with "learner" plates

When writing my previous post on photography lighting kits I came across several really great value-for-money photography lighting equipment for beginners. My first thought was how much of a time-saver it would have been if I could have had a well-researched, and honest view, on what to buy when I was looking for some lighting equipment, at … Read morePhotography Lighting Equipment For Beginners

Photography Lighting Kit – which one is for you?

Front and side view of the Witstro Godox AD400PRo strobe photo lighting kit

No photography gear is complete without a decent photography lighting kit. Owning a lighting kit and learning how to make the most of it takes anyone’s photography to the next level (or two). Understanding and being able to manipulate light to create the image you want/envisage is the key to taking your skills to the … Read morePhotography Lighting Kit – which one is for you?

What is Low Key Photography – And When To Use It

A low key photograph of a young girl dressed as a clown

In this post I am hoping to sell you on the attractions of low-key photography. Before I tell you what I like about it let me try to answer the question “What is Low Key Photography?” An obvious place to start would be with the official definition – official definitions can be boring but in … Read moreWhat is Low Key Photography – And When To Use It

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