Best Waterproof Camera Bag

A photo of the Zecti Waterproof camera bag which was my choice for best waterproof camera bag

My camera bag has done it’s dash and I have decided I want the best waterproof camera bag on the planet. I live in New Zealand where it rains constantly and in any one day we can have all four seasons (and sometimes twice a day!) I do have to be realistic and watch the … [Read the full post…]

The Best Nikon Cameras 2018

The Best Nikon Cameras for 2018 With such a wide variety of Nikon cameras on offer deciding which is the best Nikon camera can be daunting (and often pointless) – in this post I discuss Nikon cameras available in 2018 in Full Frame, mid-range and entry level models.   Table 1: Nikon Full Frame Cameras … [Read the full post…]

What Is Street Photography?

I was recently involved in a camera club discussion where the topic was “What is Street Photography?” The ensuing discussion was emotional, informative and at times contradictory. A few of those present became emotional, and visibly aggressive, as they themselves had been photographed ‘without their consent’ in public places or at public events.  This sort … [Read the full post…]

Correctly Expose For High Contrast Lighting Conditions

Use a credit card to bounce your flash off the roof to correctly expose for high contrast lighting

In this post I will be explaining how to correctly expose for high contrast lighting conditions to provide a well exposed photo. By that I mean overcoming, rather than utilising, contrast lighting.  Utilising contrast produces either high-key or low-key photography where the lighting is optimised to create drama. My intention with this post is t … [Read the full post…]

Camera f Stops Explained

A small f stop setting is often used in landscape to get both the foreground and background in focus.

Camera f  Stops Explained?  Strictly speaking there is no such thing as “camera f stops”;  f stops refer to the aperture of lenses and not the camera itself. As f stops seem to cause some confusion I will endeavour to explain what is meant by f stops and what other type of “stops” there are in photography. You shouldn’t really … [Read the full post…]