The Best Nikon Cameras 2018

The Best Nikon Cameras for 2018 With such a wide variety of Nikon cameras on offer deciding which is the best Nikon camera can be daunting (and often pointless) – in this post I discuss Nikon cameras available in 2018 in Full Frame, mid-range and entry level models.   Table 1: Nikon Full Frame Cameras … [Read the full post…]

What Is Street Photography?

I was recently involved in a camera club discussion where the topic was “What is Street Photography?” The ensuing discussion was emotional, informative and at times contradictory. A few of those present became emotional, and visibly aggressive, as they themselves had been photographed ‘without their consent’ in public places or at public events.  This sort … [Read the full post…]

Correctly Expose For High Contrast Lighting Conditions

Use a credit card to bounce your flash off the roof to correctly expose for high contrast lighting

In this post I will be explaining how to correctly expose for high contrast lighting conditions to provide a well exposed photo. By that I mean overcoming, rather than utilising, contrast lighting.  Utilising contrast produces either high-key or low-key photography where the lighting is optimised to create drama. My intention with this post is t … [Read the full post…]

Camera f Stops Explained

A small f stop setting is often used in landscape to get both the foreground and background in focus.

Camera f  Stops Explained?  Strictly speaking there is no such thing as “camera f stops”;  f stops refer to the aperture of lenses and not the camera itself. As f stops seem to cause some confusion I will endeavour to explain what is meant by f stops and what other type of “stops” there are in photography. You shouldn’t really … [Read the full post…]

Best Tablet For Photo Editing

I found the Intuous Pro Small be the best tablet for my photo editing and as such this review is predominantly about the small tablet but the comments apply equally to the Intuos Pro Medium and the Intuos Pro Large tablets. The large tablet is not recommended for processing photographs. Product: Wacom Intuos Pro Small/Medium and … [Read the full post…]

X Rite i1 Pro Review

The X Rite i1 Display Pro Review

Product: X Rite i1 Display Pro (EODIS3) Best Price: $258.99 (currently on at $220.00) Cheapest Place to Buy: Product Size: 2″x 2″x 4″ Product Weight: 9.1 Ounces Shipping Weight: 9.6 Ounces * Warranty: 12 month Warranty from date of shipment and does not cover shipment itself. My Rating: 9.0 out of 10 * Note … [Read the full post…]