Cute Camera Bags for Women in 2022

“Cute Camera Bags for Women” – not a likely title for me to write about but there is a story behind why I chose it.

It stems from a discussion I had with a friend that went something like this:

Linda :  “Lawrence – how do I say this nicely? … Can I make a suggestion?”
Me (warily): “Yeah – go on then.”
Linda:“Why not do something different and cater for women – for once in your life?”
Me: “Ouch! That’s a bit unfair …”
Linda: “Just shush and listen …
Women like different things to you guys – why not do a post on camera bags just for us?
Something like ‘cute’  or ‘chic’ camera bags?”

SO >>>>

Just to prove I do pay attention, and occasionally take advice from others, here is my selection of “Cute Camera Bags for Women” (with Linda’s help and her brief in mind).

Who is Linda?
A photographer friend who is very much a hobbyist photographer.


The Brief For Selecting These Cute Bags

The brief from Linda was quite simple.

“Don’t get all technical with specs and all that guy stuff.  

Just point them to the bags and let them decide – give them pictures!

They don’t want to know if you think a bag is too expensive or cheap or anything like that.

They know how much they are prepared to pay for the bag they want. Your opinion doesn’t count when it comes to their money.”

And that is the criteria I used.

I researched a range  of  cute bags, had Linda look at them and then we selected the ones we both thought were cute, practical and functional for you to consider.

Adhering to the definition of cute, and Linda’s brief of “show them the picture”, I have posted the bare minimum detail of each bag listed here. Click on the relevant link to find out more about each bag.

Have a look, have fun and remember “don’t shoot the messenger!”

If ‘cute’ is not your thing read my review on waterproof camera bags – I’m a big believer that you should get a waterproof bag.

And for added protection against fungus and moisture problems consider getting a dehumidifier to store your photographic equipment in when not in use.

8 Cute Camera Bags ... well more really

Jo Totes Missy Camera and Laptop Bag in Mint

Chick, cute, classy and functional.

Linda likes it and those who own it say:

  • ” I get compliments every time I go out to take pictures because this camera bag is so freaking cute.” ~ Angela Bagwell
  • “I love, love, love this bag” ~ M. O’Mara
  • “It’s stylish and does not look like a camera bag … Fits my camera, 2 spare lenses a laptop and there’s still room for other ‘girl things’ – this is my 2nd Jo Tote bag.  Worth every penny.” ~ Joni
  • “Wifey photog LOVES IT!!!!” ~ Dave Freeman
  • “Love my Missy.” ~ Christin

Everyone raves about the gorgeous colour – but if, for some reason,  ‘mint’ is not your thing the Missy is also available in black and chocolate.

And there are lots more wonderful reviews …

Definitley do yourself a favour and browse through the range.

Groove Vintage Shoulder Bag

Cuteness overload!

Walk into any room with this purse and instantly be taken as a photographer.
Anticipate lots of compliments with this discussion opening bag.

Described by owners as:

  • Stylish, unique, durable and spacious.
  • A fun purse.
  • Best bag ever!
  • Outstanding cutomer service from Groove Bags.

And Groove has a whole range of fun bags, purses and backpacks for you to enjoy.

Be sure to visit their site and view the range products.

ONA Bags

The ONA range is extraordinary gorgeous and popular.  

Neither of us could make up our mind on any one particular ONA bag – they all look fabulous!

Image top right is the “The Bowery” – the most popular bag in the range that comes in 5 colours: smoke (pictured), black, field tan, waxed canvas and leather, blue waxed canvas and leather.

And as if that isn’t hard enough to decide on their are other ONA models to choose from.

  • The Bond Street in Dark Truffle, Black, Oxford Blue Waxed Canvas, Antique Cognac leather, Waxed Canvas, Waxed Canvas Oyster and Smoke Waxed Canvas.
  • The Prince Street (right bottom) – and it too comes in 5 gorgeous colours
  • The Roma – we only found a black one. 
  • Savannah II which comes in a stunning mustard colour.

You should have a lot of fun browsing this range – and we’d love to hear which one is your favourite.  

Kattee Leather Canvas Camera Bag Vintage Messenger Shoulder Bag

On my word – over 1,000 mostly positive reviews!

What can we say that hasn’t already been said in the reviews? 

  • It’s smart, it’s functional, it’s fashionable, attractive and it’s different.
  • Solidly built and holds a ton of gear.
  • Spoilt for choice with six colours to choose from: Black, Blue (very striking), Army Green, Dark Grey, Light Green and Brown. 
  • Tons of great reviews. I loved the one from Jona who starts with the heading “Doesn’t Look Like a Diaper bag.”
    Jona is a short lady at 4′ 11′ and in addition to her Nikon D750 and prime 35mm or 50mm lens has a pair of gloves, two phones, a mens wallet, glasses case, an extra camera battery, memory cards a little bag for pills,  grooming items and paperwork!
    She ends with “This is my new favorite bag.”

Enjoy browsing the reviews and viewing the 6 colour options.

Groove Vintage Tote Bag

Another great conversation starter from the Groove range.

A very different and very cute tote bag.

  • Laura G says “I get complaints on it all the time.”
    LOL I think she means compliments – don’t you just hate spell checker sometimes?
  • Rhonda and others talk about it’s functionality and the great customer service from Groove.
  • Everyone who owns one says it’s their favourite bag.

Take a look for yourself and be sure visit the other sections – it’s a fun website.

Kattee Fashion Canvas Camera Backpack

“Spunky” is how I would perceive someone wearing this backpack.

Not everyone might want to be thought of as spunky but, to me, this bag oozes different and confident and, dare I say, cute!

Lots of fabulous reviews for this multi-purpose camera bag/rucksack with dual compartments and an abundance of extra pockets.

What comes through very clearly in the various reviews is the comfort of the extra padding.

The careful design is amazing in that it does not place any strain on the back even on very long hikes.

Check it out and compare it to it’s peers – I think you’ll agree “spunky’ suits it.

Stylish Tan Leather DSLR Camera Bag for Women,

Classy, simple, classic styling.

Available in either brown or black with gold edging this exquisite messenger style camera/hand bag has an elegant and classy look and feel about it.

Certainly not your run-of-the-mill camera bag.

If you’re looking for a small camera bag that looks more like a purse to wear to functions then this is the bag for you.

Carry your camera, a spare lens (or two) and your everyday accessories while retaining that classy feminine look .

A very cute bag that will attract the right sort of attention from your girlfriends.

Find out more.

Multi-Functional Leather Top Handle Camera Bag/Purse

Picky about your purses?

We found a little gem for you …

Stay organised and fashionable with this multi-purpose camerabag/purse.

Conservative in bold black or classic brown.

A splash more more colour your thing?  
Dare to be bold – choose from a gorgeous canary yellow, pearl blue or strawberry red.

And the final option is the elegant ostrich brown.

Lots of great reviews for this cute and fun bag that has space for even a full-frame camera. 

Go take a look.

More Cute Camera Bags

So as not to repeat myself please also look at my recent post on mirrorless camera bags where you will find 2 more really cute bags for ladies.

Click here to go to that post – then scroll down to the “feminine” section.

Don't Store Your Camera in Your Cute Bag!

I thought it worth mentioning that cute camera bags are not the best place to store your expensive camera equipment.

Something you should always have in your bag is dessicant gel bags – and that’s for day to day carrying of your camera.

For permanent storage take the camera out of the bag and place it in a dry cupboard that has a constant temperature.  The best storage space is a dedicated one specifically for your photography equipment.

A camera dry cabinet is the ideal solution for keeping your gear in good condition and ensuring you never get mold in your lenses and moisture on your connections and other moisture sensitve parts of the camera.

Final Word on Cute Camera Bags For Women

Linda and I had fun researching and compiling these bags for you to look at – I’m sure you will enjoy them too.

I certainly  learned a bit about ladies and their shopping ways.

One thing we spoke about was how these bags would make great gift ideas for men looking for something different for the lady photographers in their lives.  

Guys you can confidently buy any of these cute camera bags for women knowing that it will be a hit.

And as always please let me know what you think in the comments below.

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4 thoughts on “Cute Camera Bags for Women in 2022”

  1. Hi Lawrence

    I have read your article and it there is a lot of information here but any female photographer that I know through my Photographer groups would never look for a “cute bag”.

    Mostly we look for something practical that holds our gear/equipment and something light as cameras are heavy. And for women our personal stuff, wallet, phone, keys etc.

    Especially with Street Photography no bulky bags, and we’ve no problem talking technical, we need to talk tech in order to shoot good photos.

    In my opinion, a camera bag needs to be able to hold my camera gear – the cuteness is in my photos 😉

    All the best, Olive O’Brien

    • Hi Olive,

      Thanks so much for your comment – I fully understand where you are coming from.

      In fact what you said here is quite similar to what I said to Linda but as she quite rightly pointed out not everyone carries around a ton of gear.

      There are a lot of photographes out there who have only the original kit lenses that come with their camera when they bought it (and possibly one other lens). They might just need a small bag with enough room for their gear, a charger and maybe a speedlight.

      At the same time they might want something that doesn’t make them look like a serious photographer – I know from talking to some photographers (and here I include males) that having a big black caemra bag often leads to technical discussions based on assumptions that they know more than they care to know.

      I think Linda has a point in that there are a lot of different niches within the photography crowd. This post is looking for the more relaxed lady photographer who wants her camera with her but wants a nice looking (read as non-camera looking) bag.

      And then of coourse there are those with “bridge’ cameras and the even smaller “point and shoot” cameras.

      One thing that did come through very clearly is that women do want extra pockets to keep non-related photography equipment in.

      For the more traditional bags please see my post on Waterproof Camera Bags where I speak about how I selected my own camera bag. It’s quite interesting to note the emotional process one goes through when it comes to shelling out your own money for photography gear. There’s always that concern in the back of your mind if this is the beast deal.

      Funny enough when researching for this post I discovered that a lot of people are really interested in leather camera backpacks and bags. I may well consider doing something along those lines next. I seem to quite enjoy learning about camera bags.

      Overall it was a fun excercise and an enlightening one.

      Your commments are particularly appreciated – while these bags may not be for you hopefully you might find something else on the site which is of interest to you.

      Take care and keep shooting those awesome (cute) photos.


  2. Hi Lawrence

    I love this article and particularly the Groove Vintage bags! My Canon Powershot (yes, the point and shoot ID10T-proof camera that is my one and only, lol) does need something safe (and cute) to travel in – all going well I shall be back for one of Groove Vintage range bags. Then I will be mistaken for a pro photographer, no worries, will take it all in my stride!


    • Haha Louise – that is so funny,

      Hopefully the “idiot-proof” camera does what you profess not to be able to do. I’m sure you take a mean picture and are just being modest.

      The least you can do is house that awesome little camera in a cute bag (I’m sure it will immediately start taking even better photos if you do).

      I love the Groove range and am very pleased I came across them in my research – I think it gives us a few more options not available elsewhere and don’t we all prefer to show our individuality?

      Hey thanks for stopping by and making my morning here in li’l ole New Zealand.

      Keep snapping.


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