Calibrate Your Monitor for Photography – Using Screen Calibration Software

A composite and dark photo of a woman and her dead cat showing her fond but memories but reflecting on her loss

Computer and other screens vary in their resoultions, color components, brightness etc. and for consistent results you really need to calibrate your monitor for photography. This is particularly important if you print your photos. It can be extremely frustratingand expensive to order prints and find that they don’t look like what you thought they would. … Read more

How to Use Exposure Compensation – And Understanding What it Does

A magnolia shot from below against a white sky

Very few photographers know how to use “exposure compensation”.¬† Understanding what it does is the first step to learning how useful it can be.The “Exposure Compensation” function is indicated by the little plus/minus button normally situated near the shutter button.In this post I explain how to use exposure compensation to add more depth to your … Read more

How to Photograph Flying Birds

Gannet in flight

One of the questions I am often asked is how to photograph flying birds. It seems everyone wants to try it but few know where to start. Photographing birds in flight is fun! Birds in flight move at high speeds and invariably you will be photographing a back-lit subject. These two elements make for a … Read more

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