What is the ISO on a Camera

An image of scales showing equality

What is the ISO on a camera and what role does it play in photography?  Firstly let me explain ISO as it’s a strange acronym to use and certainly seems to have no direct bearing on what it describes, which is the sensitivity of the camera’s built-in sensor to light. The Reason It’s Named ISO … Read more

What Is Street Photography?

I was recently involved in a camera club discussion where the topic was “What is Street Photography?” The ensuing discussion was emotional, informative and at times contradictory. A few of those present became emotional, and visibly aggressive, as they themselves had been photographed ‘without their consent’ in public places or at public events. This sort … Read more

Correctly Expose For High Contrast Lighting Conditions

An mage showing how to use a credit card to bounce your built-in flash off the roof to correctly expose for high contrast lighting

In this post I will be explaining how to correctly expose for high contrast lighting conditions to provide a well exposed photo. By that I mean overcoming, rather than utilising, contrast lighting.  Utilising contrast produces either high-key or low-key photography where the lighting is optimised to create drama. My intention with this post is t … Read more

Camera f Stops Explained

Camera stops and aperture f stops explained

Camera f  Stops Explained or WT f … Strictly speaking there is no such thing as “camera” f stops;  f stops refer to the aperture of lenses and not the aperture of a camera. Just thought I would clear that up. f  Stops cause some confusion, primarily because the numbering system used to describe them is counter-intuitive; … Read more

Why Photography Is Considered An Art

Screen shot of 1903 editorial about the Mona Lisa probably the most famous piece of art in history

I want to debate why photography is considered an art – or not as the case may be. It’s a question that comes up often in discussions about photography – usually raised by non-photographers. I have my own views on this, as I am sure you do, and I hope to persuade you to at … Read more

DSLR Vs Mirrorless Cameras

Opinions vary greatly in the DSLR vs Mirrorless Cameras debate. I love discussions like this because I think we can all learn from a variety of opinions expressed by real-life users. And of course opinions from people like me who have only ever used a DSLR but take a great interest in all technology related … Read more

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