Heat 3 Smart Gloves Review

Heat 3 Smart Gloves Showing construction detail

Are you searching for the best photography gloves for cold weather? Well fellow photographer have I got good news for you! Look no further than this full review of the Heat 3 Smart Gloves, rated by extreme weather photographers as the best gloves in even the coldest of conditions. I discovered the existence of these … Read more

Cold Weather Photography Tips

Cold Weather Photography Tips lone Fox in snow

Following on my recent posts of tips for taking photos of wildlife and wild birds I thought it might be an idea to expand on the subject and provide some tips for cold weather photography. Cold weather photography presents it’s own unique challenges and who better to write a post on it than Tracey Lund, a … Read more

Wildlife Photography Tips and Techniques

Close-up detail of a pair of Zebra drinking

Wildlife photography tips – how does one cover a subject that is so broad and diverse? Wild life can be anything from plants and fungi, rabbits hopping around in a city park, polar bears in the arctic or Africa’s Great Migration! There is a great deal of wonderful diversity in this amazing world we live … Read more

Landscape Photography Tips and Techniques

Landscape photography tips and techniques, include foreground and background interest for greater impact

Landscape photography is one of the most popular genres around as has been since photography first began. This post covers basic landscape photography tips and techniques, the essential equipment you will need and composition ideas. What is Landscape Photography A tricky question to answer … landscape photography can be anything from a huge expansive scene … Read more

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