The Best Cameras for Wildlife Photography in 2020

The Best Camera for Wildlife in 2020

With such a wide selection of cameras available how does one narrow the list down to the best cameras for wildlife photography available in 2020? A pretty daunting task – I can tell you! I decided that the best way to decide was to go directly to the world’s top wildlife photographers and see what … Read more The Best Cameras for Wildlife Photography in 2020

Best Tablet For Photo Editing in 2020

A beautifully processed photo of a farrier fitting a new shoe on a horse with the ssmoke from the hot shoe being burnt into the nail billowing around.

I found the Intuous Pro Small be the best tablet for my photo editing and as such this review is predominantly about the small tablet but the comments apply equally to the Intuos Pro Medium and the Intuos Pro Large tablets. The large tablet is not recommended for processing photographs. Table of Contents Wacom Intuos … Read more Best Tablet For Photo Editing in 2020

What is a Beauty Dish

Image of an aluminium beauty dish mounted and showing the different diffuser attachments.

Take a look at the Wikipedia definition of a beauty dish and you will likely come away more confused than ever – I sure started wondering if I knew what it was. What follows is an easy-to-understand answer to the question “What is a Beauty Dish?” – Wikipedias definition not withstanding. I will also describe … Read more What is a Beauty Dish

5 Essential Newborn Photo Props

A photo of a gorgeous Newborn by photographed with props consisting of a round basket, flokati throw, brown Teddy Bear and beige wrap and matching cap

Since publishing the post on Newborn Photography tips I have been asked by several photographers and parents about Newborn Photo Props. This post addresses that question covering the the props I believe should always be part of any Newborn photos studio. Before I get into the props themselves I want to once again reiterate that … Read more 5 Essential Newborn Photo Props

Newborn Photography Tips For Beginners

A mother with her beautiful Newborn baby

One of the more rewarding genres of photography is that of Newborn Photography. In a previous post I touched (very briefly) on the subject and thought a more in-depth post specifically providing newborn photography tips for beginners could be very useful to my readers – and will possibly even benefit those with newborn photography experience. … Read more Newborn Photography Tips For Beginners

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